Add RSS News Feeds to Your Static Web Pages Free

by on April 20th, 2008

First let’s see, What is RSS? Why Use RSS? RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”. Its syndication format for web content and a new way of getting fresh content update for your web pages and search engines. Many websites online and almost every blog, offer a feed of their content in RSS format. As RSS grows in popularity more publishers are likely to join in and offer their own RSS feeds. i would say that its important for SEO and users point of view. Now every dynamic website now a days has RSS feed but what about static pages. What if you have a static simple website. How will you offer update in the form of RSS feed for your static website? Here is a clean and simple solution.

Simply Add A Few Lines of Code on Your Web Pages and you are done. Your visitors will come back to your website often to find the latest updates.

RSS feeds will make your pages more relevant and “sticky”. Adding RSS feeds to your web pages will get the search engine spiders to index your pages and come back more often because of the constantly changing information. RSS Feeds Provide Fresh Content For Your Visitors and the Search Engines.

Add News Feeds to Your Website In Minutes. In 5 minutes your website could be displaying fresh themed content from RSS News Feeds around the web … that updates itself automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You’ll never have to lift a finger and you’ll be offering your viewers valuable and highly relevant material .. the best part is, this offer is 100% Free.

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