Add Q&A Platform to your Site, Blog or Facebook Page

by on September 4th, 2013

Having a blog or website is great but what’s even great is to have an ability to engage users to interact with it. A blog or website usually offers comments and contact section where users can leave their input but if you can install a question and answer section into website, it will make your website more appealing to users because they can instantly ask questions about your services, products or publishing. It will help build a community around your website and you will be able to understand your users more. Here is a recommendation for free Q&A platform for your website that requires users to login via social networks they already use.

Pubble Q&A lets you build a vibrant community around your website. Let your customers get their questions answered right on the page where the product information lives. With pubble, your customers can choose to ask their question publicly, anonymously or privately. Public and anon questions are posted to the page enhancing the information for future visitors.

Followers are the first to learn about news, offers, updates for the pages they’re interested in. On Facebook we follow our friends. On Twitter we follow people, publications, topics that we find interesting. On Linkedin we follow companies. But what if users are just interested in a single product, article, or page? With pubble, your customers can follow a single page or product on your site and get notified when a new question is answered or a new update posted.

As user types the question, previous answers are prompted. This helps to free user from the chore of continuously answering the same questions over and over again. Its also great for your customers. They get an instant answer to their question.

Pubble supports Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to make posting easy and sharing a breeze. Multiple social sign in options are available to make it incredibly easy for visitors to join your community. With one click, users can easily share questions / updates / reviews with their friends on other social networks.

Enjoy full flexibility in how you decide to manage your site. You can assign moderators to individual products or pages or set the same moderators to all pages.

Its super easy setup on any site. Add the code to the pages that you want to enable pubble on, click save and publish and you’re done. Pubble works great on lots of platforms including: Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, HTML & JS. The app is fully customisable. You can change the fonts, colour scheme, background to fit your website color scheme.

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