Activate iOS 5 Beta 1 Firmware

by on July 5th, 2011

If you have downloaded iOS 5 beta, you must first activate your idevice to run it. Activating firmware means is that you have to get the UDID of your device and get it registered with the iPhone Developer Program before you can start (legally) loading beta firmware on it and you don’t face any problems while synchronizing with iTunes. Installing beta firmware on unactivated device will make it useless. Here is how you can activate iOS 5 beta 1.

Get your Device UDID Registered

If you are a developer then you can pay $100 and enroll yourself into the iPhone Developer Program. But if you’re not a developer, why pay $100 for just a UDID registration when you’re not developing apps for iPhone? You just want to try the new iOS beta and that’s it.

Many website on the internet are selling UDID registrations (most are fraud). Their price ranges from $5-10 and they would usually get back to you in two or three days.

Find UDID of iOS device

Connect your iOS device to the computer. Open iTunes, click on the summary for the device. Point your mouse over ‘Serial Number’ and then click on it so that it toggles into UDID. Note that UDID carefully. This is what you need to get activated, before you start installing iOS 5 beta 1 on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Those who have the iPod touch, 3G and 4G don’t need UDID registrations in the case of iOS 5. Only they will not be able to sync iPod touch running iOS 5 beta 1 with iTunes. So if you don’t care about sync, download iOS 5 beta 1 IPSW for iPod touch and do a restore using iTunes 10.5 beta. Make sure that you have dumped SHSH blobs of the current firmware on your device otherwise you won’t be able to downgrade iOS in case something goes wrong.