Access Windows Programs Remotely From Another PC

by on May 12th, 2009


Now this sounds like a magic. After Teamviewer, Live Mesh and Tight VNC Server which give you remote control for any PC over LAN or WAN this handy application gives you power to access your PC programs and applications remotely from another computer. And O My God! its also free… The A.A.S (Application Access Server) the PC administration possible over LAN and WANs. This tool can start programs, stop services, manage processes, uninstall software or report system information over the internet right from a simple browser with few commands. The A.A.S is a good choice for remote application management.


With “Stealth Mode” it makes the PC administration possible, without port scanner notice the host service. The control is carried out over a built-in HTML server. Everything you need is a HTML browser on the client side. At attacks from the internet the A.A.S reacts very sensitively. Every attack has the consequence that the attacker is put on a “black list” and he gets never an access doesn’t matter he types the right password.

  • Integrated HTML server
  • Control over a standard browser
  • Start from predefined applications
  • Advertisements of system information
  • System tasks: show and kill
  • Services: show, pause, run, stop
  • Show Eventlog
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • Software management
  • You can run the A-A-S as service or foreground program
  • Run your own undefined applications over the Internet
  • Set user restriction for each feature of the AAS
  • With the “Stealth mode” it’s possible to hide the AAS for all kind of port scanners
  • Shoult be a attack, the aggressor is put on a “black list” and he got never an access although he write the right password
  • A access cotrol list enables, that only registered computers can be login
  • You can start the AAS over the command line automatically and minimize
  • Detailed logs support the administrator about aggressor localizing
Download Application Access Server (portable)

Download Application Access Server (329 kb)

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