Access Orkut Where it is Blocked

by on August 19th, 2009

orkut-logoIn offices, colleges, universities and at some other restricted places, social networking websites could be blocked by admin. Where is the fun if you can not use Orkut or any other social network from your office or college? Sometimes it is necessary to quick post something and let your circle of friends know what you are up to or what you have just witnessed or even what is the plan for this evening. If your network admin has blocked Orkut then there is an easy way to access Orkut by an alternative URL.

Simply go to the and you will be able to open Orkut website even it was blocked by admin.

The other way is to use some proxy service.

Unblock any website – Surf Anonymously

You can use

I have mentioned some proxy services over here. You can also use any proxy software for this purpose.