Access Gmail from Desktop

by on May 14th, 2011

GeeMail is a Desktop client for Gmail. You can access gmail outside the browser. This is very useful if your internet browser has been corrupted or you just want to access Gmail by using desktop software and not the internet browser. This is an email client but you do not need to configure POP and IMAP settings for it. Being offline won’t stop you from using Gmail if you are using this email client. You can compose email and hit send. When you go live, the email will be sent immediately. Its got the same interface as Gmail. You do not need to learn any new thing about it and its cross platform.


  • No configuration required, install and use
  • Work in offline mode with Gmail
  • No internet browser required
  • Gmail like interface
  • available for MAC, Windows and Linux

You might not get success with the login and might authorize GeeMail to access Gmail account. The interface of Gmail in the GeeMail is the old Gmail interface yet. Email is text based, even hyperlinks. No hyperlinks – just the text. Opening emails would take some time. Its slow in opening emails. We would like to see an update for this GeeMail desktop app for GMail.

Support: MAC, Windows, Linux
Requirements: Adobe Air

Download GeeMail