by on August 12th, 2007

My name is Hiroshi and I am one of the major people behind the TechMynd. I will introduce myself and TechMynd to you. I have worked in the fields of web development, SEO and designing. I am an entrepreneur, founder of TechMynd and some other web properties. I love technology and Internet.


Old classic games, all freeware software, computer tweaks, music, all movies (Animation) of DreamWorks, Disney and Pixar.

My favorite classic games are Street Fighter, Chelnov Atomic Runner, Snow Bros, Tarzan, Hammerin’ Harry, The Jungle Book, Shinobi, Carrier Air Wing, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles…

My favorite movies are Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of Rings, The Matrix.

My favorite novels are ‘Harry Potter’ by J. K. Rowling and ‘The Lord of Rings’ by professor J. R. R. Tolkien.

I like songs of The Hobbit. e.g. The Greatest Adventure. I like Lady Gaga, Alizee, Elvis Presley, Infernal, E-Nomine, Miley Cyrus

My favorite blogs are Problogger, Shoemoney, Mashable, LifeHacker, Engadget.

My favorite TV shows are ‘Friends (best comedy show ever)’ and ‘Prison Break‘. When I was a kid, I liked ‘Full House‘ and ‘Perfect Stranger‘. I like Cartoon Network.

That’s about me. Now here is about Techmynd.

TechMynd is about microsoft, apple, android, software, technology, gadgets, blogging, computer tips, freewares, gaming tips, games and all my interests related to computer and internet.

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Why TechMynd

This site is dedicated to help other geeks for their needs related to the technology, to be resourceful and share their own experiences of what they find useful for their software/hardware/internet needs. I started it in 2007 because I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning as a tech professional. Since then I’ve added many articles, tips, tutorials and case studies to my archives here. I use software, computer and internet a lot, that enables me to share my experience, resources and knowledge with you.

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Exact Purpose of TechMynd

I am not selling anything. I do not intend to give people pirated, cracked software, games, songs or movies. Sometimes users send me some stuff, I post it for them but try to not do anything which may violate any copyright laws. In any case if anybody finds anything illegal here, I will highly encourage and appreciate him to contact me for removal of that material immediately. If you are in a country where piracy laws are clear, I will suggest you to do not download anything other than freeware stuff from TechMynd and inform me about any copyright issue, which you observe here, so that I may fix that issue. I need 24 hours time to act on any request/ notice. I like to share. I come across a lot of online tools and freeware stuff. Purpose of this blog is to recommend its users freeware stuff, online free tools, tips and tricks. I like fun and computer stuff. Purpose of this blog is NOT sharing cracked games, songs, movies or cracked software. Only fun stuff, free tools, freeware useful software for your PC and MAC.

Freeware Software at TechMynd from Other Resources! Why?

While its sufficient to link to the original software, but I do it because sometimes target link is changed and your visitors land on wrong pages and they complain that I do not recommend right link. Since its a freeware, its also at author’s website, and also available here at TechMynd in some cases, to ensure maximum availability. I also link to author’s homepage and also ask his permission if there is a clear way to contact. Through software you can always trace its original homepage as well. I do not upload every software. In case of claim, I remove the source from TechMynd. I am not a software developer so not everything here is my own creation. Copyrights of software are always reserved with their respective owners.

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Whatever you may call it, we prefer TehMynd to sound like following.


You may not use the term TechMynd in any way. You may not create a blog or website with the same name in the URL. You may not use TechMynd logo in anyway. This is owned by which is not associated to any other blog or website in this way (TechMynd does not share its name or logo with any other website). If you do not follow this and create a blog or website with the same name in the URL, you and your host will be issued DMCA notice and you/your host will pay the charges and high penalty.

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TechMynd is authorized AVG Reseller. That means you can contact us and purchase any product of AVG at discounted prices (10% to 30% discount depending on product). Use contact form to reach us.

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21 Reviews

  1. Abhishek says:

    Hey, you got a cool site man. I just come to your site a few days earlier, and then bookmark it. Now, from that day, I am visiting your site daily and I have read all the first pages of your site’s downloads sections.
    Well, best of luck.

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @sachin: Why country label? The whole world is my country. Yes Hiroshi is a Japanese name. It has got a history.
    My father went to Japan before my birth. He had no son that time. There in the temple he prayed to have a son. Then I was born and the host there in the temple had said that to my father that if you will have a son, name him Hiroshi.
    And here I am.
    True story.

  3. sachin says:

    yes u r doing great job mr. hiroshi
    i think u r a japanese but u r indian man

  4. surendar says:

    Hi u doing great job all ur posts are nice. Thanks for giving me lot of information.
    Continue the job

  5. luna says:

    There really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

  6. Narender Kumar says:

    Hi, Mr. Hiroshi, I don’t have habit to read but I read all your comments and like it. Mr. Hiroshi I have downloaded so many games which reminds me, my childhood. Sir, I am not a technical man but I appreciate your work and thoughts. Thanks for all of that. Bye ;-)

  7. Yasir says:


    Thank you so very much for uploading flash gal. Can you please upload dragon world game as well? One more thing, if you can than please upload an emulator so that we can play these games on Xbox. Once again thanks for uploading flash gal game and many good wishes for you and future.

  8. Lalit says:

    Huge quantity of important stuff…

  9. Hiroshi says:

    I am a great admirer of Darren Rowse and Shoemoney that’s a fact though. Well more fan of Darren Rowse. Darren Rowse is such a genuine blogger who has helped and inspired bloggers across the globe. Shoemoney has got style. He is a dude. John Chow is good as well.

  10. Hiroshi says:

    @Raghu: OMG! OMG! Alright, I have turned on full feeds. Thanks for the good piece of advice and valuable information. I appreciate that. Okay I am going for aweber also.

  11. Raghu says:

    @Hiroshi – My thoughts and suggestions

    Yup, people steal the contents, which can be done by visiting the site too. Adding RSS footer plugin to insert the copyright will point to your source.

    Types of subscribers you plan to attract depends on feeds offering. As I said, bloggers prefer to see Full feed. If your main source of traffic is through Email Subscription, then go with Email Marketing services ( Aweber is the best).

    I see that you are using Feedburners Email Subscription. From my experience, you are greatly missing out on the income from not having a Email List through Aweber or other services. One of my blog, I was using Feedburner Email as the main source of addign subscribers. In 1.5 years, I added 1300 total subscribers. After moving to Aweber, I have added 14,000 subscribers in 12 months. This is from a one of my blog that gets half million page views per month.

    Amount of money you spend on email services will be compensated very easily. In that way yon can control the email size ( RSS to Email).

  12. Hiroshi says:

    @Raghu: How can you say that I am following Darren Rowse? Everybody has got his own style. I did not enable full feed because of two reasons.
    1. People steal feed and make the content their own.
    2. Its good to give a little teaser in the email so that readers can visit the blog to read more. Guess what would happen if I have posted 100 wallpapers and they all go with the full feed into your email resulting your email program to crash or something.

  13. Raghu says:

    I enjoyed the articles and decided to subscribe to RSS feed and realized partial feed (bummer) and decided to unsubscribe. I’m sure you could be loosing many readers due to partial feed. What was more surprising was to see you are following Darren, Shoemoney and still not enabled Full feed.

  14. paul varesell says:

    Great blog!!! Very informative and insightful. Excellent!!!

  15. Mazhar Iqbal says:

    Nice work dear. I like your fun stuff like wallpapers, videos etc. you provided.

  16. Asif says:

    Yes Hiroshi, you’re doing a great job!

  17. Jack says:

    Your site has given me ideas to make changes (tweaks) in Vista that I didn’t know how to do myself as well as many other resources. Keep the info flowing!!!


  18. Sanjay says:

    you are doing nice job
    keep it up ;)

  19. Mike says:

    Best of luck.