85+ Twitter Multiplatform Apps

by on October 9th, 2009


Here are some of the great Twitter apps which are truly multi-platform and independent of what you are using. It can be blog, website, windows, MAC, Linux, desktop, web browser or whatever…There is app for any platform for Twitter.

  1. Accessible Twitter – Accessible Twitter is an alternative to the Twitter.com web site. It is designed to be more simple and easier to use, and is optimized for disabled users. Built with strict web standards and adheres to web accessibility guidelines.
  2. Ada – Ada is the perfect little Twitter app with a clean, simple design. It doesn’t hog up your desktop or distract you with a million crazy features. See and send tweets, replies and direct messages. Ada is cross-platform because it uses Adobe AIR.
  3. AddToAny – The Share/Save button for your website or blog helps visitors easily share your links to Twitter and over 100 other services.
  4. AlertThingy – AlertThingy v2 brings the very latest updates from your favourite social networks direct to your desktop. Plus send Tweets, update your Facebook status, upload photos to Flickr, post to Tumblr and more. With v2 AlertThingy makes it faster and easier to manage the online you. Plus you get the coolest looking RSS reader on the interweb.
  5. Autocompletter – lightweight Greasemonkey script to add as-you-type autocomplete for @ usernames on Twitter (demo).
  6. BigTweet – BigTweet installs easily and quickly as a bookmarklet on all the major browsers and allows you to post to Twitter (or FriendFeed) from any web page. Automatically capture the current page title, URL and any highlighted text. Insert special Unicode characters and shorten URLs with the Bit.ly API right from the bookmarklet window. Optionally add a Bit.ly API Key to track and view statistics on your shortened links. No registration is required – only Twitter login credentials are needed.
  7. Book Price Check – a simple way to check book prices via reply and direct message to your mobile device.
  8. Buzzbird – A desktop twitter client based on the Mozilla XUL framework.
  9. cltwitter – Tweet like a hacker. cltwitter is a command-line utility for posting updates to Twitter written in C, featuring Twitpic support, auto-shortening of URLs and TAB-completion of screen names in @replies.
  10. Destroy Twitter – A light desktop application for managing your Twitter account based on Adobe AIR.
  11. Ear2Ground – Now Ear2Web. An Adobe AIR application that provides live coverage of tweets in your geographic area! Optionally follow tweets on a specific topic in your area.
  12. feedalizr – A free deskptop application that allows you to view, rate and comment on what your friends are sharing online. Tweet, upload pics to Flickr, update your Facebook status, keep up to date with your friends’ Google Reader, Digg, Tumblr, YouTube and Last.fm posts on Friendfeed. Use unique filters to reduce the noise. Duplications are filtered out. — by MIH SWAT
  13. Flock – A social Web Browser that has twitter integration built in. Flock also integrates many other social networking services.
  14. Friendbar– A Firefox toolbar that is the best way to follow Twitter & Facebook updates, and post to Twitter and Facebook
  15. gtwit – a web based twitter client which works in all modern browsers without any plugins that supports smart completion, history and personal search of your tweets by storing them on Google’s cloud
  16. iig.nu – A life networking site that brings you a customizable calendar, RSS reader, Twitter and Blogger support ( facebook coming soon ). All of your tweets are seperated by date and placed onto the calendar for rapid browsing. Simple, elegant, fast and easy to use interface that can also run as an AIR client.
  17. IdentiTwitch – A cross platform Twitter client written using Adobe Air. IdentiTwitch combines your updates from Identi.ca and Twitter into a single timeline. Post to one or both services at the same time.
  18. MeshWrite – is an ideas editing space that integrates with Twitter.
  19. Mibbit.com – A web based IRC, Yahoo and Twitter client.
  20. Mugshot for Windows and Linux — show friends’ updates from your favorite services, including Twitter, on your desktop and the web
  21. multiTwit – Do you have to manage multiple Twitter accounts? Have accounts for your business, home, and clients? Send Tweets to all your accounts with this handy desktop app. Multi-platform and you don’t have to enter your passwords into strange websites.
  22. mytweet16.com – a web app that lets you view any users first 16 tweets. Also has a list of the top 16 searched for users.
  23. Nitwit, the cross-platform microblogging client for Twitter, Jaiku and other platforms including Jabber and IRC. Written in PHP-GTK.
  24. NutshellMail – Twitter From Your Email Inbox. A Free Twitter client that allows you to Store Twitter Search Keywords, Track New Followers and Quitters, and Send Tweets, Direct Messages, Retweets, @Reply through your email. Also supports Facebook, MySpace, and most webmail services. By Nirav Batavia.
  25. Omnivide — Twitter Plugin – Omnivide is written in Java, so multi-platform. Only Mac OS X not supported due lack of Java 6. Twitter service provided via Plugin. Omnivide is a plugin powered program still in early stages of development.
  26. OrSiSo – OrSiSo is an Adobe AIR app that integrates all your friends, photos and updates across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster as well as providing multiple IM support for MSN, Y!, ICQ and AIM. The platform is still in Beta and is supported on PC, Mac and Linux.
  27. P3:PeraPeraPrv – P3: PeraPeraPrv is Pure Java multi-platform Twitter client. P3 supports fully keyboard operation, filter view to tracking with @id and keyword, appearance customize, English/Japanese/Chinese interface and many features.
  28. PhotoTwitter. This application allows you to take a Snapshot using your Webcam and post the photo and your text on Twitter. Initially written for Mac but could also work on other platforms. Please let me know about problems on non-Mac platforms.
  29. Phweet – Phweet lets you talk to Twitter friends and create conference calls without sharing phone numbers or other ID’s. Phweet inserts a URL into your Twitter message so your profile becomes your callerID and your status update is the context for why you want to talk.
  30. Post to Twitter from Vim for Vim users.
  31. Posty – A microblogging application which allows updating twitter, jaiku, tumblr, friendfeed and identi.ca profiles with one click. Posty also includes: browsing of personal and public timelines, posting replies, browsing and posting of direct messages, support to favorites, search for past messages, automatic spellchecking, built-in url shortening. Posty is an Adobe Air application which runs on Windows, MacOsx and Linux.
  32. QTwittering – A very simple Qt4 based Twitter client for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  33. Remus Information Management – A free multiplatform application which comes with a twitter plugin for communication on twitter. Supports all basic features of twitter with URL shortening and multiple user-accounts.
  34. Search Cloudlet – is an easy-to-use Firefox add-on that inserts context-aware tag clouds into a traditional Google, Yahoo and Twitter interface to help you navigate more efficiently through search results.
  35. Shareaholic for Firefox – easy and quick way to post URLs to Twitter from within your browser. Grand Prize winner of Extend Firefox 2, a Mozilla sponsored contest for the best Firefox addons.
  36. Snitter — lots of features with a great UI make this Twitter client stand out from the crowd. Built on AIR.
  37. Spaz — An attractive, powerful Twitter client for Windows and OS X using the AIR platform. Direct messaging, deleting tweets, user management, and powerful skinning/theming via CSS.
  38. Statuzer a multi-account twitter client with music tweets support (song.ly tra.kz)
  39. Tagnic – Tagnic is a reputation game that you play with your friends and followers on Twitter. Trade points with other players and earn badges to display on your Twitter page.
  40. TalkingPuffin has nice filtering and multiple views. Open source and written in Scala. Was temporarily called Simple Twitter Client.
  41. Termtter is a terminal based twitter client that writen in Ruby. It works on your console.
  42. TickTagDo – A multi platform Task Management application that supports posting updates to Twitter. You can also automatically create tasks from your tweets. Just include ‘NTS:’ (case insensitive) in your tweet and TickTagDo will use it as the base for a new task. So now you can add tasks from anywhere you can tweet. Direct messaging is also supported, easily lets you ask for progress on tasks via Twitter.
  43. tircd presents twitter as an irc channel. You can connect to tircd with any irc client and twitter as if you were on irc.
  44. Toro for Twitter – Multi-platform Twitter client with a clean interface and an experimental Twitter client library that removed API limits and caching. Refreshes every 20 seconds.
  45. Troy’s Twitter Script – Greasemonkey Script that adds Nested Replies, @Mentions, Custom Search Tabs, Autocomplete, Pagination, RT button, Media Embed, URL Expansion, Hash Tag Search Links, Social Links
  46. TTYtter An interactive text-mode Twitter client, with full background asynchronous updates, written in Perl 5. Requires curl or Lynx, but no additional Perl modules. Tested on Mac OS X, NetBSD, AIX and other Unix-like OSes. Includes full API and a "bot" daemon mode.
  47. T-Messenger A very simple to use, innovative Twitter client with IM capabilities, drag and drop image uploads and real-time URL shrinking.
  48. Tw-autocomplete – Firefox extension to add autocomplete on Twitter.com for @-messages and d-messages
  49. TwAitter – Twitter for busy people. TwAitter is a comprehensive FREE tweet scheduler. Schedule tweets to send at anytime (recurring included). Manage your scheduled messages with an Outlook style Twitter Calendar. Features: Full Client, multi-account management, schedule, recurring, calendar, translation into over 40 languages, spell check , URL shortener…and more! (www.twAitter.com)
  50. TweetBox – A JavaFX based Twitter client
  51. TweetDeck – TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR app which allows users to split their Twitter feed into topics and/or groups. Works on both Mac & PC. Still in beta.
  52. Tweeter — A Java desktop client for Twitter a-la Twitteroo but with proxy support. Lets you update your status and follow the public/ ‘with friends’ timelines, view images on the timeline, add/ remove friends, send direct messages, notifications on friends timeline update, minor GUI customization. ( Built with the jTwitter API from ThinkTank )
  53. TweetFox – CloudBerry TweetFox is a Twitter plug-in for Firefox that helps you to post quotes from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short Chilp.IT URL to the source page.
  54. TweetFunnel – TweetFunnel makes it easy for multiple users to post to one Twitter stream. It also allows for editorial control, tweet monitoring, assigning and scheduling. All types of organizations can use TweetFunnel, inncluding: businesses, non-profits, education institutions, credit unions, real estate agents, sports teams, political parties, recruiters and even Boy Scout troops! TweetFunnel has just launched new features including multiple account management and Bit.ly integration for stat tracking.
  55. Tweetminster Wire – If you’re into politics and love Twitter, it’s made for you. The TweetMinster Wire pulls together relevant political content from Twitter, giving you access to livestreams featuring MPs, PPCs, UK Parliament & Government, Downing Street and many more.
  56. Tweetr one of the best twitter desktop applications, drag and drop file transfer, send webcam photos instantly, view replies and direct messages, very clean user interface.
  57. Tweetree.com – Web based interface for viewing your twitter stream in a tree with replies nested under the original post they were in reply to. Also pulls in external content from Twitpic, YouTube, etc and displays in right in your feed so you don’t have to click through every link to see what it is.
  58. Twerp — A simple command-line tool to post messages and download your friend’s timeline. Python 2.4 or 2.5..
  59. twhirl — A multi-account Twitter desktop client based on AIR and Flex. Compact UI, keyboard shortcuts, many features like auto-connect, auto-refreshing tweets, sending updates, replies, direct messages and more
  60. twibble — A twitter desktop client with a clear UI. Supports multi accounts, iTunes like cover flow view and much more. Built on Adobe AIR for Mac and PC.
  61. TwiBuzz – Twibuzz is a tool similar to Google Trends that let’s you see how often people are using Twitter to tweet your favorite keywords in real time.
  62. Twinja AIR — Twinja! A sleek black Twitter client built in Flash, running on AIR. Allows you to communicate with your Twitter friends directly from your desktop. Works on both Mac & PC.
  63. twirc an IRC to twitter gateway. Make your favorite IRC client your twitter client. Twitter becomes just another IRC channel. Written in perl.
  64. Twitch – A cross platform Twitter client written using Adobe Air. Twitch focusses on having a clean and simple user interface.
  65. TwitBin Firefox Add-on that creates a sidebar for following and posting to your stream.
  66. TwitIt — A bookmarklet that is perfect for link/microblogging. You activate it while at a web page you want to share. It puts the current page title, a shortened URL (via TinyURL or tr.im) and selected text into the Twitter status box for final editing before submitting – you know – to get down to the 140 limit.
  67. TwitKit Integrate Twitter into your Firefox browsing experience.
  68. Twitscoop – A fully-featured, elegant web-based alternative to twitter’s own web client. Features a real-time tag-cloud to keep track of current conversations on twitter, custom hot trends, and multi-tab search.
  69. twitwoop – twitwoop let’s you send voice messages to your Twitter timeline. Register your phone at http://twitwoop.com and link your number to your Twitter account. After that you can call by phone, speak a 140 second message ;-) and wooops, it’s in your Twitter timeline. Some ideas: let your friends listen, when you are at the latest U2 concert, let them hear some ocean breeze, sing a song or tell a joke. It’s up to you.
  70. Twitter Gadget for Gmail – a Twitter client specially designed for Gmail using Opensocial technology.
  71. Twitter in your Profile – Plugin for Pidgin that lets you put your Twitter history in your profile. It updates automatically.
  72. Twitter Opera widget A widget for the Opera browser.
  73. Twitter Thingy – A very simple Adobe air based Twitter client for windows, OS X and Linux. It has all the essential functions that get you using the best parts of Twitter as quickly as possible, without having to learn a colossal new bit of software. It also does groups and archiving as well as threaded replies.
  74. Twitter4Skype — Instructions on how to access your Twitter account in Skype. Developer here.
  75. twitterAIR — An AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) application built with Flex 3 that lets you view your friends and public timeline, post your status, and determine the auto-refresh interval.
  76. TwitterBack Sync and befriend all of your followers.
  77. TwitterBEIS – Silverlight 3 OOB (Out of Browser) desktop App, hostted by Microsoft Windows Azure.
  78. Twitterbot — A simple bot written in C# (Mono/.NET) to reformat RSS feeds of news/sports/etc for Twitter
  79. Twitterfox – TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter. This extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar which notifies you when your friends update their tweets. Also it has a small text input field to update your tweets.
  80. Twitterified – A fast client that also allows users to send/view long messages, pictures, and embedded documents.
  81. TwitterGadget – iGoogle gadget and/or browser-based auto-refreshing twitter client with clean web-2.0 style interface and many user configurable options.
  82. Twitteron – An AIR-based Twitter client that supports search, notifications, a user gallery to view friends/followers in high resolution for any twitter account, display of rate limit/reset time, auto updates, and more. The interface has features similar to a browser, including back, forward, and refresh capability.
  83. TwitterSpy is a supplemental XMPP bot for twitter that does the stuff the twitter one used to do, and a few things it didn’: http://dustin.github.com/twitterspy/
  84. videotwit — Transcoding digital-to-digital conversion from one video format to another
  85. Whisltr – A twitter + last.fm mashup in AIR.
  86. Yoono – Receive alerts, update your status or message your friends in your browser sidebar. No need to switch from one site to another or from your browser to a desktop app anymore. The perfect tool to become a twitter heavy user without spending hours on it. Yoono also integrates many other services : facebook, flickr, friendfeed, major IM services
  87. Zemanta – Blogging assistant that recognizes your friends when your write about them and brings your their profiles, homepages and pictures for easy inclusion in the post.

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