8 Websites to Watch High Quality Movie Trailers

by on September 6th, 2009


There are a lot of movie trailers websites out there, yet guess what who is in the game now? Its YouTube. Allow me to list few best websites for watching upcoming movies trailers in High Quality.

‘Apple Movies Trailers’ and ‘Trailer Addict’ are not the new names at all to watch High Quality movies trailers. Long awaited YouTube section for movies trailers is live now. I am mentioning some more websites of HD trailers for movies addicts to track upcoming block busters.


Apple Trailers


Trailer Addict


Myspace Trailerpark

Hollywood Trailers

The Movie Box Trailers
Yahoo Movie Trailers
MSN Movies Trailers

And here is the YouTube section dedicated to the HD Trailers of the latest movies.

Youtube Trailers

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  1. Badzinski6 says:

    movie trailers on youtube are so cool, they even got trailers of the latest movies.