7 Twitter Multi-account Management Tools and Apps

by on September 4th, 2009


Got multiple accounts at Twitter and no time to manage all? Here is a solution for Twitter Multi-Account Management. Even you can manage campaigns across different platforms including twitter, using these tools.

  1. twitRobot.com – No time to post tweets? Send posts automatically in the given interval of time
  2. ObjectiveMarketer – is one of the first, enterprise grade end-to-end campaign management, analytics and community engagement solution. It has all the basic features of any content authoring and publishing tool like Posting, URL Shortening, tracking, scheduling, multi account management. PLUS it is the only available application that provides Camapign Management across Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. It has advanced patent pending technology to measure and map the audience sentiment that lets marketers optimize their message. Analytics based on geographic location, and other demographic data, along with ability to set and monitor several keywords and competition matrix and Buzz Factor – ObjectiveMarketer is the one-stop solution for marketers. It brings strategy on social channels.
  3. Splitweet – Free Twitter multi-account manager & brand monitor. With Splitweet webapp you can send tweets from all your configured Twitter accounts (with password encryption), view your friends’ tweets, your direct messages, your favorites… and the most important thing: you can listen & get involved into the conversation with brand/keyword monitoring.
  4. TwAitter – Twitter for busy people.businesses. TwAitter is a comprehensive FREE tweet scheduler. Schedule tweets to send at anytime (recurring included). Manage your scheduled messages with an Outlook style Twitter Calendar. Features: Full Client, schedule, recurring, calendar, translation into over 40 languages, spell check , URL shortener, multi-user mgmnt…& more! (www.twAitter.com)
  5. TwitIQ.com – Full featured Twitter web client with support for multiple account, keyword and topic insight, integrated Twitter, Blog, and News Search, rich User Profiles, inline Reply display, URL shortening support, and many other UI enhancements.
  6. Twitomate – Too much too say? This is a simple app to import and queue tweets across multiple accounts for automated tweeting.
  7. ComboTweet – An AJAX-powered Twitter client that lets you use multiple accounts simultaneously. ComboTweet is open source, and also incorporates auto-refreshing and Twitter search. This is in beta, so please tweet at @jnpdx or @combotweet for help, requests, bug reports, etc.