75 Plus Rapidshare/File Hosting Search Engines

by on April 6th, 2009

Rapidshare is a file hosting goldmine if you know how to search it properly. for example: Try using follwoing code.

site:rapidshare.de inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar

Open google site. Put above line in search box, hit enter. You will get results of downloadable files with zip,rar,7zip and tar formats. inurl can be specified for finding files of specific format. e.g.


Now the following query will provide you direct link to download winrar software compressed in zip format.

site:rapidshare.de inurl:zip winrar

Rapidshare is one of the world’s biggest and the fastest file web hosts around the world with thousands of files being uploaded and downloaded everyday. But it does not have a search engine of its own, we can search files hosted at rapidshare and other many file hosting services directly using many resources out there as many many search engines are emerging to do this task.

Some of search engines which give you direct links of files hosted at such file hosting websites are following:

  1. Avun
  2. Filez
  3. RapidFox
  4. U2U
  5. Zoozle
  6. Rapidstack
  7. FilesBot
  8. Loadevery
  9. Rapidoogle
  10. Rapidzilla
  11. SharingEngines
  12. FilesTube
  13. Xoogo
  14. EatPaperRapidshare
  15. RapidshareDB
  16. File field
  17. RapidshareURL
  18. FileSearch
  19. Leechaa
  20. Quicksearch
  21. jqd
  22. MegaDownload
  23. Rapidog
  24. Search Any File
  25. Crawl Rapidshare
  26. Rapidor
  27. Down2Crazy
  28. rSearch
  29. Download List
  30. Search Files
  31. Gappon
  32. FileCrop
  33. Search4file
  34. Mega Rapid Search
  35. Rapid Zearch
  36. FileSearcher
  37. Oneclickfiles
  38. Rapidsharesearch
  39. Funfail
  40. Rapidshare1
  41. 5iles
  42. shufs
  43. rapidsearch.eu
  44. Kvaz
  45. Files Pump
  46. Search Rapidshare Files
  47. Infobind
  48. Search Rapidshare info
  49. Javaartist
  50. Coders2020
  51. 4Chan
  52. Rapidshare Blog Search
  53. Linkosearch
  54. HellaFiles
  55. totme
  56. ShareMiner
  57. FileScoop
  58. RapidSearchEngine
  59. Betadir
  60. RapidExplorer
  61. RS Find
  62. Rapidshare Index
  63. RapidshareLink
  64. Rapidshare Data
  65. Buscador
  66. Rapidshare Searcher
  67. Peer2link
  68. RapidOSearch
  69. RapidShared
  70. SearchShared
  71. Rapidsearch.in
  72. Rapidsharing
  73. ProjectNinja
  74. Rapidrat
  75. Rapidlibrary
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10 Reviews

  1. Demian says:

    Alternatively there is findfiles [dot] net which is crawling all the internet for files of all Mime Types. You may try it out.

  2. Mario says:

    RapidSearchEngine (rapidshare-search-engine.com) has moved to rapid-search-engine.com
    update your links!

  3. Richard says:

    I never got any valid Rapidshare premium account. I wonder how premium account downloads are like. My favorite file hosting search engine is filestube.

  4. Web-Warez says:

    You can also try – http://www.webwarez.net/, i think its the best.

  5. att says:

    You maybe could add http://files6.com to the list.

    Thank you

  6. I’d like to add this host too, since it searches many file hosts and provides direct links. Great engine too. Cheers
    .-= Search zippyshare´s last blog ..Zippyshare com Dj Bilel Gargouri Bad Girls Bilels Feeln F zippyshare.com =-.

  7. Filemirrors says:

    Nice work! Thanks

    Did you know you can easily search thru all filesharing sites at one time?

    They support: Rapidshare, Megashares, Megaupload, Badongo, Filefront, UploadMirrors, Savefile, Yousendit, Easy-share, Dump.ru, Zippyshare, depositfiles, filefactory, filezs.to, Mediafire, Mbload, Share-Online, Neload, 4shared, Uploaded.to and many more!


    I suggest you to add this to your list ;)

  8. Willy says:

    New Rapid Hunter is one of the best Rapidshare search engines.

    It should be in your top 10!


  9. Kirix says:

    Some file hosting searh engine display direct file download from rapidshare etc. After the file downloaded, its passworded. Shit…
    Never use search engine that not give the original link of the file.
    Use avun.com to find the files. It also have Rapidshare and Megaupload bulk files checker at checker.avun.com.