6 Advertisement Solutions at Twitter

by on October 9th, 2009


Everything materialistic around us is a part of commercialism. Blogs, websites, neon signs, billboards, ads and other all stuff. Every person has to buy or sell anything even he is online (Direct or Indirect – intentionally or unintentionally). If Twitter is such a huge place to communicate and share, why can not it be a place to advertise. Where there is a gathering and people are talking or listening, there is some sort of advertisement going on. Let your product be heard by the world by these advertisement apps for Twitter.

  1. adCause.com: Twitter Advertising – Advertise on Twitter! Buy and sell advertising in Twitter streams. Publishers can donate a % of their earnings to their favorite charity or cause.
  2. PayPerTweet.com – PayPerTweet connects advertisers to Twitter users in a way that allows the user to be both, selective and genuine. Users will only tweet ads that are right for them, their followers, and the client. This allows the advertiser to connect with the Twitersphere in a conversational and organic way, a new paradigm in marketing.
  3. twitRobot – An arsenal of Twitter Marketing tools which are mainly intended for corporate users. Blast your product link to twitter and drive huge traffic to your site. Here you can come across a list of applications letting you automate some aspects of the process, scheduling future tweets and posting recurring updates for corporate purposes. Moreover, it is possible to add RSS feeds to any Twitter account.
  4. TwitterBackground.com – 100% custom Twitter backgrounds for businesses and companies advertising on Twitter. Not having a professional, custom background can really dampen your marketing efforts. Clients and customers place a perception on your company and how you do business by appearance in less than 3 seconds. Leverage the power of Twitter the right way.
  5. TwitterGraffiti.com – Create your own custom/personalized Twitter Background/Wallpaper.
  6. Tweet-U-Later – Schedule tweets 1 minute or 1 year in the future. Recurring message feature by the day, week, month or year so complete advertising programs can be planned in advance. Access via web browser or via your unique securely encoded email address. Full functionality is free.