5 Tips for Gmail Attachments

by on July 1st, 2010

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More you will use Google docs, you will find less need to attach files in emails. Yet many people ’email experience’ include file attachment activity at daily basis. Here are few tips for people who attach files in email while using Gmail.

Drag Files into Message to Attach

You can drag files from your computer desktop into the Gmail compose message window to attach files (Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6+).

Select and Attach Multiple Files

You can select multiple attachments at the same time. Multi-select the files you want to attach by holding down the Ctrl key (or Command on a Mac) and clicking on each file you want to attach. Holding down the Shift key will select a continuous list of files. This will save a lot of time if you have many files to attach.

Never Forget to Attach File Before Sending Email

Sometimes you forget to attach file after composing email and send an email without attachment. After that you realize that you had to attach a file to it. Gmail looks for phrases in your email that suggest you meant to attach a file (things like “I’ve attached” or “see attachment”) and warns you if it looks like you forgot to do so. Every day, this saves tons of people the embarrassment of having to send a follow up email with the file actually attached.

View Attachments Online Before Downloading

When you receive an attachment, sometimes you just want to view it and there’s no need to download or save it to your computer desktop. The Google Docs viewer allows you to view .pdf, .ppt, and .tiff files in your browser. This function comes in Gmail by default. You have to click the “View” link at the bottom of the message to see attached .pdf, .ppt or any other file.

Find Specific Attachments Using Gmail Search Easily

If you’re looking for an attachment someone has sent to you, Gmail’s advanced search operators can help you find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

  • To find all messages that contain attachments use: has:attachment
  • To find all messages from your friend David that contain attachments use: from:david has:attachment
  • To find all messages that have .pdf attachments use: has:attachment pdf
  • To find a specific attachment named physicshomework.txt use: filename:physicshomework.txt

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    Kool tips. Post some more gmail tips. I use gmail all the time.