5 Great Changes That Over The Air Will Feature in iOS 5

by on June 22nd, 2011

With the news of iOS 5 comes a great innovation called OTA (Over The Air). OTA will be the newest method of upgrading the firmware of Apple devices, bringing about 5 main changes to the way we use our iPhones, iPads and iPods including PC free version of iOS, crucial system updates, faster updates, ease in updating iOS, automatically detection of device and version to update iOS.

PC Free

With the newest OS firmware update, all Apple handhelds will become PC free, no longer being required to connect to a PC or MAC in order to activate, restore, download or install new iOS versions. This technology will ensure that the devices will become completely autonomous and independent from classical firmware update scenarios.

Delta Updates

Delta updates can be defined as critical system updates, bringing patches, new features and functions to the operating system installed.

The new iOS 5 will ensure these updates will be done faster, as with the future new operating systems, and it will also increase the possibility of maintaining a jailbreak after new firmware updates.

Faster updates, greater system stability, less bugs

With a faster updating system in iOS 5, Apple will be able to correct bugs found by users in the operating system in a faster and simpler fashion.

The Location Gate scandal showed how it took Apple an entire week to fix a critical error from the iOS. With the new updates, patches will come faster, ensuring a more stable and pleasant use of all devices.

New Update? No Problem!

Regardless of where you are, as soon as a new version of the operating system appears for distribution the iOS5 will update your iPhone seamlessly, without having to use a computer for any reason whatsoever.

Bad Firmware causing you to brick it?

Manually downloading firmware versions and patches is always troublesome, and it can sometimes be dangerous. Downloading the wrong version of firmware and attempting to install it on your Apple device could lead to it malfunctioning, and even bricking.

With the OTA and iOS5, the updates will come once enabled, and will automatically detect for which device and version it should install. Enabling it on an iPad will ensure iOS 5 downloads only iPad updates, with no fear from the user manually installing incorrect versions.