3 Ad Networks That Will Fail Bloggers

by on November 6th, 2009


I have been experimenting with ads networks as a blogger and I have to share this with you that the following three ads networks have been completely useless for me. I will give you reasons. Your opinion might not be like mine and I might not have been using those ads correctly but read it. Perhaps it will help you to get some where. If you are a blogger or a webmaster, you are sure to put ads on your websites. Choose carefully what ads you use. There are many ad networks which will disappoint you and you can loose your interest in this area.


Reduxmedia is good. They show the clicks and you can see the earning going up but these are all useless if that payment never reaches to you. They never respond. They will email you to try their ads network but they don’t bother when you get back to them. After months I got email reply that they simply delete emails from live.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com and other networks becuase they consider them spam without looking those emails. I finally managed to contact them using email attached to my website domain. I was amazed to see what they have got stored for me inside:

  • Not friendly interface.
  • No selection of payments methods.
  • They do not respond.
  • Irrelevant stuff and info inside, useless for user.
  • You can not add or delete tags yourself (Its been more than three months I have been requesting them to add a tag but no response).
  • You can not add or delete sites yourself.
  • You can not select payment method yourself.
  • You can not hold payments or withdraw yourself (They say its automated).
  • You do not know when they will send you payment.
  • Their ad will destroy your site’s W3C validity. Single ad from Reduxmedia will give your site more than 12 errors and also some warnings.
  • Ads load time is high. Site will freeze until their ad loads and then other content will be displayed.

I had emailed them using their contact page inside my account but no response. Expect a response once in a month if you email them daily 30 days a month or do not expect a reply or respond at all. A friend of mine of alright with them and he gets responses but in my case, no response.

InfoLinks and Kontera

I used Kontera much time ago and waited for long but earning level was zero. Kontera and Infolinks are In-Text Advertising networks, They will transform your content keywords into links and when user click at those links, they will present a search page or a page containing its definition. The thing which is strange, they convert the text into links which should not be converted. Who is going to click at the following links:

  • windows
  • display picture
  • enable
  • respond – respond definition
  • options
  • website – website definition
  • do not

If an ad network modifies such text into links, how these links are going to help the user who click at these in any way? Infolinks earning level have also been very low for me.

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