25 Sites We Cant Live Without

by on November 7th, 2007

Here are 25 websites internet folk can not live without.

This list is 2006 list.

Apple Movie Trailers (Coming attractions for movie)
Blogger (The place to go to create your own blog)
Craigslist (Portal of classified ads )
Drudge Report (Matt Drudge, newsbreaker – got more than 3.5 billion hits in the past year)
Ebay (Auction Powerhouse)
ESPN (Best all-around sports site)
Factcheck.org (Apart speeches, press releases, TV ads and other public statements by politicians )
Flickr (This public showroom for personal pics)
Google (Web’s best search engine)
HowStuffWorks (Easy-breezy explanations of how things work)
The Internet Movie Database (Encyclopedia of entertainment that covers some 800,000 films, television shows and video game titles)
Lifehacker (Computer-tech tips and tricks)
The Museum of Modern Art (A selection of museum tours as downloadable podcasts)
Netflix (More than 60,000 DVD titles available to rent)
National Public Radio (NPR podcasts, NPR music)
The Onion (Long before The Daily Show, long before Stephen Colbert, there was The Onion)
Rotten Tomatoes (Movie reviews from far and wide)
Shopzilla (New comparison shopping sites)
Technorati (Blog finder)
Television Without Pity (Bitingly funny TV show recaps)
The Smoking Gun (Continues to document interesting news)
Wikipedia (A real Web wonder, Massive, collaborative online encyclopedia)
Yahoo! (Arguably Google’s toughest competition for top Web property)
Zappos.com (Simply the best place to shop for shoes online)

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