25 Things I Hate About Facebook

by on February 25th, 2010

I still havn’t figured out what exactly the FaceBook is all about? Though I am using it. Many people are using FaceBook whether they understand it fully or not. Here is Julian Smith in the following video talking about 25 things he hate about FaceBook. The video is kind of funny. I bet he is still using FaceBook and will continue to use it, despite of the fact that he hates 25 things about it. Though 25 things are pretty well enough to quit anything. Social networking sites provide people an online medium to build their network and circle of like minded people around them. But we tend to go beyond socialism and try to follow anybody and everybody. This is why FaceBook has got certain restrictions, e.g. You can not add many friends in a row after one another. You will get banned and your Facebook account will be frozen. If you add or follow a lot of people then chances are, you will complaint about social networking sites like in the following video.