25+ Best Twitter Linux Apps

by on October 9th, 2009


For Linux users, here are some useful Twitter desktop clients and other apps to get maximum from Twitter right from the Linux desktop. There was a time, when applications were for Windows, and Linux users used to search apps for their needs. Now when open source has evolved and new applications are being developed, developers also consider that there might be some Linux geeks left alone at their boring Gnome or KDE desktop environment. KDE is not boring though. KDE is like a chocolate. Talk about Tweeting from Linux desktop. You might find it hard to use shell, wine or mess with the root but when it comes to Twitter apps for Linux, these are many and these are easy to use.

  1. h-twt – h-twt is a small light weight Python desktop application. It will run on any system that can run Python, but has currently only been tested on Ubuntu Linux. h-twt’s standard functions include updating to Twitter, viewing your time line (in your favorite browser), and sending direct replies. For more help that is not included on the website, you can follow h_erd on Twitter. To get help simple tweet a message that has @h_erd in it.
  2. BigTweet – BigTweet installs easily and quickly as a bookmarklet on all the major browsers and allows you to post to Twitter (or FriendFeed) from any web page. Automatically capture the current page title, URL and any highlighted text. Insert special Unicode characters and shorten URLs with the Bit.ly API right from the bookmarklet window. Optionally add a Bit.ly API Key to track and view statistics on your shortened links. No registration is required – only Twitter login credentials are needed.
  3. BLT — twitter meets the Bourne shell, with a hint of biff.
  4. choqoK — A free KDE4 kicker applet.
  5. gTwitter — a Twitter client for Linux.
  6. Termtter is a terminal based twitter client that written in Ruby. It works on your console.
  7. TkTwitt — a Twitter client written in Python which using Tk to create gui. In early development.
  8. Qwit — A simple Qt4 based crossplatform client.
  9. Qwitik — An open source cross-platform client written in Qt4 and with fine interface.
  10. feedalizr – A free desktop application that allows you to view, rate and comment on what your friends are sharing online. Tweet, upload pics to Flickr, update your Facebook status, keep up to date with your friends’ Google Reader, Digg, Tumblr, YouTube and Last.fm posts on Friendfeed. Use unique filters to reduce the noise. Duplications are filtered out. — by MIH SWAT
  11. geotwitta — Command line client to calculate the distance of other Twitter users
  12. GtkTwitter — a Twitter client for Linux and Windows which using GTK.
  13. Gwibber — an open source micro-blogging client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK. It supports Twitter, Jaiku, Identi.ca, Facebook, and Digg
  14. shakeyshakey — Detects shaking of Thinkpad using accelerometers and posts the result to Twitter.
  15. twitter.el Twitter from Emacs!
  16. TwitterHeartbeat A server monitor script to keep track of your servers – written in pure PHP, no dependencies (i.e. no cURL needed). by KM2
  17. Twits — A simple Open Source Bash Status updater (v0.0.5 Stable). Also obtaining more features and optional GUI.
  18. Twitux — a Twitter client for the Gnome desktop. Features includes: gui-notifications, url tinyzer, and more..
  19. Twirssi – Read and Post tweets; Send and Receive DMs; All from within irssi. Support multiple accounts, context fetching, replying to particular tweets.
  20. Twit and Wayd — Two add-ons for Gnome Deskbar that allow posting updates to Twitter
  21. twit.el Another Emacs client.
  22. Twitbar — a Twitter client for Gnome users to post from the Deskbar
  23. TwittarĂ© — a light Twitter client written in Qt4
  24. KickTweet — A very simple KDE Kicker panel applet.
  25. ktwitter – A simple Twitter script for KDE.
  26. mitter — A very simple Python and pygtk client.
  27. Vim Twitter Twitter from Vim!
  28. ZenTwitter — bash script which uses zenity and curl (could be launched from custom desktop/menu/panel icons)
  29. Yasst – A small, multi-tabbed cross platform twitter client, written using Qt. Developed primerally on Windows, but available for 32bit Linux, compiled on Debian 5.0.