20+ Ultimate Twitter Gaming Resources

by on October 1st, 2009


And you thought that Twitter was not for gamers! eh? Gamers are also so much into Twitter world. Play Twitter Games in Real-Time. Find out what’s happening in a game you’re playing or are interested in… Be it Action games, Adventure games, Fighting games, Sports games, Puzzle games, Role-playing games, Shooter games, Simulation games, Strategy games or any other, You can socialize your gaming experience a lot more and bring it to another level using these apps…

Twitter for ‘Second Life’
  • TwitterBox — a Twitter client for Second Life.
  • SLTweets.com — a Twitter HUD for Second Life, includes mapping, notes, research, SLURL logs. On or off modes.
  • TinySL.com — a Second Life specific SLURL builder and long SLURL or Second Life compression too so Twitter users know the content is relevant or an in-world (metaverse) destination.
  • Sl-Messenger.com – A global IM/twitter/diary service for Second Life.
Twitter for Games
  • Tagnic – New! A reputation game that you play with your friends and followers on Twitter. Trade points with other players and earn badges to display on your Twitter page.
  • 140 Blood – NEW Embark on an epic fantasy adventure sprawling through heaven and hell. Make new friends as you battle orcs, demons, and dragons!
  • GamerDNA – track gameplay from Xbox Live, Steam, Xifre, etc., and rebroadcast to Twitter.
  • twttrblogs ~ games Hot! – TwttrBlogs now has tons of flash games! WHen you play a game on TwttrBlogs your score is recorded for all members to see! You can even challenge other Twitter/TwttrBlogs members to a game to see who’s the best!!
  • GuessWord – remember Mastermind? Well this game is similar. The GuessWord server hides a word and you try to guess what it is. Tweet any word to @GuessWord and you will get clues to the mystery word within 20 seconds. Be the first to get the points. As a never-ending game, a new round is constantly created after one completes.
  • FlockPoker – With FlockPoker you can create your own Texas Hold ‘Em poker table and invite people through one simple link. It’s easy and free, try it.
  • SkillPod.com – The Twitter app Tweets all your game play, sharing your favorite games with your friends.
  • TWord_Chains – A morphing word game where you change one word into another following rules. Played with tweets so that people know when a chain has been changed. A word chain is like: MILK … MILE … LIMES … SLIMED. This game is co-operative rather than competitive.
  • Tweepshoot – A Wild West Shoot-em-up on iPhone that tests how well you know your friends. There’s also a list of the most wanted spammers, and players can brand their own spammers to help out in the war on spam. Follow @Tweepshoot to find out more.
  • Twrivia – Daily trivia quiz. Dispensing useful topical trivia. Prizes some days. Answers and players’ leaderboard are shown at the website: http://twrivia.com
  • TweetMyGaming – real-time feed of everything game/videogame related on Twitter.
  • Tweet Words – A tweet-based mystery words games. Clues are tweeted to followers about every 5 minutes. Tweet back with your guess. A leaderboard is maintained. Follow @Tweet_Words to get your clues. Once the current word or phrase is complete, a new one starts automatically.
  • Tweet Quiz – A tweet-based quiz where you must find hidden words and phrases using clues that are periodically tweeted. For example, a challenge might entail "Things associated with a Volcano" or "A meal or food made with Eggs". Tweet your answers with an @reply or play on-line. Slight misspellings are tolerated.
  • Twetris – A tetris like game that uses the latest tweets from the twittosphere as blocks for the game.
  • Twirl of Riches [beta] – A phrase guessing game in gameshow format similar to hangman. (By @TwtGames)
  • Twtpets – A simple twitter game for pet lovers. Upload a picture of your pet. Share it with your tweeple via a short url. Vote on the cutest pet. Disclaimer: All pets are cute! No username/password required. (By @twtapps)
  • Which Twitter Celebrity Are You? – A fun quiz. Answer a few questions and we’ll tell you which celeb you are most similar to!
  • Whose Tweet? – A game that tests how well you know your Twitter friends. Can you figure out whose status message this is?
  • TweetTest – A collection of 6 mini-games that use data from your public Tweets.
  • Tweetaways – an easy way to pick a random person who has tweetwed a specific phrase. Handy for drawing winners on free giveaways on Twitter.
  • tmtt -An easy app to calculate your tweets traveling time. Know the power of your tweet.