20 Plus Media Photo Video Tools and Apps for Twitter

by on August 26th, 2009


Twitter alone was definitely not enough for Twitter users needs. Thousands of tools were made to meet Twitter fans requirements related to Twitter. I am presenting some tools and apps which will enable you to do stuff like photo, video and other media collaboration with Twitter. There are some tools which do the task you want them to do and give you a short URL to post to Twitter. Some tools give you facility to directly post that short URL without going to Twitter. You can post video, audio to Twitter and there are some tools to create fancy backgrounds for your Twitter profile.

  1. Imj.Tw(eet) New! – A free service for Facebook & Twitter users providing secure image uploading and sharing. All you need is a Facbook or Twitter account to begin.
  2. Twilk.com – A Twitter background generator which will create a custom background made up of your friends’ profile photos.
  3. TwitterBackground.com – #1 site for Free Twitter backgrounds. Even offers 100% custom designed for businesses. Uses API to install.
  4. nom.ms – Tweet pictures of food from restaurants or recipes. Like a TwitPic for foodies.
  5. TwitrPix – Upload, share and post photos to Twitter from mobile, desktop and email. All photo comments are posted to Twitter as @replies. For developers, a simple API for integration into other Twitter-based apps.
  6. wImg – Upload Images – shortest URLs available for members – really short URLs for guests.
  7. Plonk.in – Simple but unique URL shortener designed to share photos, videos, and websites easily with others
  8. PhotoShare – Social network allowing both photos and comments. Twitter ready!
  9. eggURL – Create and Share Shortened eggURLs – URLs, e-mail, text, and images. Utilizes the Twitter api.
  10. ScreenTweet.com – Share photos, images, screenshots, sounds, YouTube / Hulu / IgniteCAST videos on Twitter. API
  11. StreetMavens – Post photos to Twitter. Full mobile site (including photo uploads). Real time social media and information by City and category. Easy to Reply and RT, view recent @replies. Also features local maps and radio. API available.
  12. trottr.com – „Hear I am!“ – trottr allows you to send audio messages to anybody around the world. Any time – and from anywhere. All by making a simple phone call. All your updates are being sent to your twitter timeline automatically – you can even answer by phone. Utilizes the twitter api.
  13. TweetPhoto – Photosharing made simple.
  14. Twitc – Photo and video sharing community with multiple albums, unlimited storage, batch upload/download, favorites, comments, ratings and YouTube, Hulu, LiveLeak, and Yahoo Video support. API and mobile uploads available on request.
  15. TwitPic – Share photos on twitter.
  16. Twitgoo – Share photos and videos on Twitter.
  17. TinyPic – Upload, edit, and share images and videos to Twitter.
  18. Virl – Share Photos, Shorten URLs & Spread over 300 News Stories all in one place.
  19. flick.to.twitt – Post a picture on a Flickr account and announce it on Twitter.
  20. GoldMail – Create, Record then Share Audio Slideshow messages straight to Twitter.
  21. Scribbr – Draw into a canvas and post it to Twitter.
  22. elog – Extend your tweet just by sending an email to [email protected]. The email Subject is your tweet. The tweet will also show a link to an auto-generated web page that contains your entire email, including HTML formatting, images, … whatever your email application can dish out.