15+ Web Tools and Entrepreneur Resources – Give Your Small Business a Quick Jump Start

by on November 11th, 2009


Whether you are thinking about to start a new business / startup or running a small business, you need to get your plans and things organized, you need some powerful promotional tools, advertisement solutions, right audience, online communities to get involved related to your business, reference and guides to help you educate for your startup improvement and business resources that help your business grow. It does not matter whether it is an e-business or not. You need your business voice be heard. Allow me to guide you towards some great resources for young entrepreneurs and fresh startup businesses.

Reference Guides and Courses

Before you start, browse what internet offers you for free. Read ‘Business and Startup Guides’, ‘Startup Crash Courses’, ‘Entrepreneur’s Reference Guides’, ‘Entrepreneur’s References and checklists’ online.

Starting a Business – Guide by About.com
Huge Resources for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur’s Reference Guide to Small Business Information. Learn how to raise capital, managing your business, human resources, marketing, research, strategy, and advertising, doing business with government, international opportunities, research and information gathering and more.

Startup kits and huge resources for entrepreneurs.

Starting an e-Business

In Introduction to Entrepreneurship watch and read ‘How to Write a Small Business Plan’, ‘Advantages of Being a Small Business’, ‘How to Open a Business’, ‘How to Incorporate a Small Business’, ‘Raising Money to Start a New Business’, ‘Types of Small-Business Loans’, ‘How to Start a Small Service Business’ and more.

Learn from entrepreneurs

Vator TV is the place for emerging companies to showcase and market themselves, and share their news. Entrepreneurs upload their videos about their businesses. Meet lots of entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences.

Alltop Entrepreneur News. Top news from top blogs and websites for the startups industry.

Web Tools and communities for Entrepreneurs

Use Plaxo. Stay in touch with the people you care about. Connect to your family, friends, and business network.

Evernote helps you remember, arrange and manage everything.

Use Facebook. Build your business community or network and promote your business.

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

LinkedIn World’s most popular business social network with over 50 million users.

Use Twitter. Promote your business and follow entrepreneurs and top business companies.

Raise money (capital) for your business. Read: How to raise money for your business.

Young Entrepreneurs Community is a great place to ask any startup question on your mind or just to read the over 240,000 posts made over the years on the site.

PartnerUp community is a community ideal for finding and networking with people that will shore up your weaknesses and help you answer those nagging questions about the partnership side of business.

Besides these above mentioned resources there are tons of social networking websites out there you can use get your business promoted.

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  1. Chris Altman says:

    Another great application for small business is Perq (http://www.perqworks.com). Perq helps create and track employee paid time off (PTO), is integrated with Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal, and makes requesting time away from the office easy.

  2. Noel Wiggins says:

    I love round ups of links to resources and inspiration like this that not only outlines some great tips but leads to to links that expand your research even further. Simply looking at the first suggestion of about.com lead to SBA which could keep you busy for hours!
    Thanks and Regards