15 Definite Geeky Acts

by on December 2nd, 2008

Geek is a person with an unusual or odd personality. An knowledgeable and obsessive computer enthusiast is also a geek. There is a geek in everybody, I would say. Lets have some photographic treat of geeky acts or personalities.

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  1. Kelvin says:

    The man shaving with video camera, great idea!!!

  2. John Smith says:

    I like the man with Twitter T-Shirt, it is cool!!

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @Abdul Qudoos: You should have said 6th and 9th :)

  4. Abdul Qudoos says:

    i m not a geek but 6 and 9 :P fit on me

  5. Stumbler says:

    Funny is half of all these pictures do not show true geeks. MAC=hipster. PC=Gamer. Linux=Geek

  6. John Michael says:

    awesome post!

  7. The Blogger Source says:

    Keyboard face…classic! Geeks rule.

  8. Ramon Ecung says:

    @Stuart Foster:

    I must admit I spend a lot of time in that position too.

    Is it just me or does that baby look like he’s about to fall? Yikes.

    And why all the fanboy hating on different OSes? Use the one you like, or use the best features of all of them :)

  9. Angelbelle says:

    Geeks gotta be good at what the do to be geeks. ppl who use macs r just mindless nerds. mac is even worse then windows. macs have no power. no true gamers use macs, no hackers use macs, most ppl in the world dont even use macs. kinda a hint there that something wrong. macs lack compatibility, they lack versatility, they lack power. geeks cant be good at what they do using a piece of sh** like a mac. ppl that only use a pc to surf web or type, r the ppl a mac is good for.

  10. Hiroshi says:

    @Flinchy: Actually he was installing MAC OS on standard Intel Hardware. He downloaded MAC OS but 7 copies were not working. He downloaded different again and again till he found one which worked for him. His name is Adeel and he is my colleague. Mostly he sleeps right in front of his PC at chair and he uses different flavors of linux, windows and MAC like mad.
    Next time I will choose carefully and post more geeky stuff. Give me suggestions.

  11. Flinchy says:

    sounds like someones a noob. 48 hours to install an os? haha… it should be <1hour.. including drivers. 8 copies before finding the right one? l2torrent.

    and most of those things weren’t geeky at all… :O THEY’RE USING LAPTOPS!!!

  12. kitty says:

    hey! that’s Elf! (5th photo down) :D and it looks like she’s messing around on SG, haha. she’s so damn cute!

  13. a real geek says:

    most of the people in these pictures were using Macs; the type of computer which u can’t do anything with.
    Hardly geeky

  14. Geek says:

    I don’t understand whats geeky about most of that stuff. The girls and guys all on laptops? Thats not geeky, thats modern. Geeks wouldnt use a Mac anyways, they’d have a version of Linux on a self-built laptop.
    The only things in this list that are geeky are the twitter tshirt, the mailbox G3 and the guy shaving using his videocam as a mirror hooked up to his computer.

    How does sitting over the back of the chair imply geekiness?

  15. Erin says:

    If those are the criteria then, yes, I’m a big geek. So is my husband. No wonder we’re so well matched.

  16. Stuart Foster says:

    Such a huge fan of the leaning over the back of the chair on your knees…such a habit of mine. That was probably the defining moment of this post where I realized…holy god. I am such a damn geek.

  17. the shaving one and the “on-keyboard”napper are quite funny..

  18. Patrick says:

    I love the sleeping baby.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If being a geek means you have to own a Mac then I’m quite happy that I’m not. Such overpriced pieces of non-versatile garbage. What’s up with that girl in the chair? There is absolutely nothing geeky about that picture.

  20. Oguz says:

    I strongly believe that the shaving one is a Turkish geek..

  21. Hiroshi says:

    No it is not necessary that you have to own MAC to be a geek. We can call geek everybody who tries odd ways or his/her own ways to explore these things or anything he/she can, which others won’t try. Being geek is something like keep doing something, until you get there even when your pals say that it is useless to do or let’s try different stuff.

    And the girl. I think she is hoping to have same display at Laptop LCD screen as it is at the monitor screen. And she is obviously not caring about if somebody takes her picture like that :)

  22. Hiroshi says:

    I agree. 100%. A geek would try anything. Doesn’t matter he likes Mac, he will give Vista a shot too. My colleague Adeel spent 48 hours to just try installing Mac OS at his p4 Laptop machine. Prior to that he spent much time and downloaded MAC OS 8 times till he founded the right copy and after 48 hours of struggle and googling managed to install MAC OS at the machine which had already Windows XP installed. I myself have tried many many flavors of Linux just out of curiosity. It feels good.

  23. Proud geek. says:

    Nerd is bad.
    Geek is cool!

  24. Anonymous says:

    “Vista is not for geeks.”
    Real geeks run anything, including Vista.
    I’m one of those.

  25. anonymous says:

    Vista is not for geeks.

  26. Seth says:

    I love the shaving one! Its pretty resourceful with no mirror…otherwise just lame